About Relational Somatic Therapy

J. Mariah Moser, MA

Somatic Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer
(RCS# 2093, MPCC#3055, SEP)

My approach to teaching and group facilitation is informed by:

  • 35 years of experience in the fields of psychotherapy, trauma counselling and social work.
  • Many years of clinical observations in my private practice as a therapist specializing in trauma resolution and attachment repair.
  • Extensive studies and mentorship input from leaders in the field.
  • My role as an assistant and session/ consult provider in numerous Somatic Experiencing (SE trademark) and DARe Attachment Psychotherapy Trainings .
  • The humbling yet deeply transformative journey of trauma transformation in my personal life.
  • My delight in the work and trust in the wisdom of the body.

About Relational Somatic Therapy

Student Testimonial

Mariah teaches what is almost impossible to describe with language, gives form to skills that defy form. Mariah brings the wisdom she has gathered from having studied and practiced within a variety of attachment and somatic traditions, to this learning process.

As you learn the material and skills contained in this course you will also learn and benefit from the distilled wisdom gained from the various sources and traditions which have informed this unique approach. Mariah teaches and practices the art and science of Relational Somatic therapy so that it seems as natural and simple as breathing. Do not be surprised at how simple it seems, and yet how challenging it is to master. As you work through the chapters and practice the skills, know that the effort is well worth it.  Relational Somatic Psychotherapy is an incredibly effective tool for healing relational and traumatic wounding. It is rapidly becoming recognized as a very effective treatment for trauma and offers a direct pathway to transforming limiting patterns.

Catherine Moore, MA, RCC


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